Who I Am and Why It Matters

Hi! I'm Celeste.

A counsellor, sexual health educator, mental health advocate, dancer, gymnastics coach, intersectional feminist, writer, and pitbull momma. I have my BSW from UBC, and training in Mindfulness, Acceptance and Compassion Therapy, Dance Movement Therapy, and Trauma Informed Practice. 

I am also a queer, bisexual, relationship anarchist. I have dated - a lot. Online and in real life, as a 20-something and a 30-something. Both experimentally, and for real. I have been in healthy relationships - both monogamous and non-monogamous. I have been in love. I have had sex. I am involved with many communities that talk about sex, sexual health, mental health, and relationships in all sorts of ways. All this to say, not only do I have the counselling knowledge, but I also have the experience. I know what's up in the world of sex and dating. 

I use intention setting, my intuition, gentle guidance and thoughtful questions to guide my process. I use Tarot cards as a tool for self-reflection. I use dance and movement therapy to tune in to the body-mind connection. I use trauma-informed care to maintain relationships and build awareness and strength. And I use humour. Lots of humour.

I have coached and counselled people of all ages, all genders, from various walks of life. My approach is non-judgemental, open-minded, and filled with curiosity and empathy. I am here to work with you to figure out your goals, and take the steps to get there. 

My work is holistic - meaning we focus not just on your relationships, but first on your relationship with yourself: your body, heart, mind and soul. My work is always about relationship building first. The rest comes as it does. 

I have a whole lot of energy that I wish to spread to the world. I am passionate about creating community and building authentic connections. Let's work together to release the pain, rebuild our power, and repeat.


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