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Relationship Coaching That Starts with You


12 weeks to reclaim your relationship with yourself, and improve your relationships with the others. We deconstruct your patters, disrupt the stories you tell yourself, and disorganize your chaos. Then connect to your dreams, desire, and learn how to demand all that you deserve. At the end of this program you will have the awareness to know what you want, the strength to say "yes" or "no", the time to show up for yourself, and the ability to demand what you truly desire. Learn to tune in and create the magical life that you deserve. 

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Tarot Readings


Magic comes in many forms, and I most often see it show up in intentional connection. I use tarot cards as a self-reflection tool to explore what is showing up in your life, and how we can use that as a touchstone for what comes next. Guided my intuition, this hour long session will awaken you to parts of yourself that you've been neglecting.

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Sex and Relationship Guidance


Something up in your relationship(s) - sexual, romantic, or platonic? Got a question, or a situation that you want to talk about with someone who is open-minded and non-judgemental? This is a one-hour session to get down to the nitty gritty of what is going on, and give you some tools and strategies for dealing with it going forward. 

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Dance and Movement Therapy


Feeling stuck, anxious, or depressed? Out of touch with your body? Experiencing residual trauma-reactions? Dance/Movement Therapy might be your answer. Book an information call to ask me more about it! 

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If your ears are perked up but you do not know where to start, simply book your free 30 minute phone call to see what I am about, and if we are a good fit!

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I also offer facilitation for groups and workshops on the following topics: 

- Harm Reduction 

- Sexual Health 

- Substance Use 

- Dance and Movement Therapy

- Holistic Wellness 

- Patriarchy, feminism, and consent

- Healthy Relationships

- Peer Mentorship

I am more than happy to work with you to custom build the right workshop for you and your community or organization. Contact me for an initial consultation!

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I am always open to collaboration and creative thinking. Let's work together to spread knowledge and information in a good way. 

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